interior view of round corner in earth & lime plastered straw-bale wall exterior view of earth plastered Hoberecht cob and straw-bale cottage interior view of cob window sill and earth & lime plastered straw-bale wall
interior view of cob swan sculptural relief in earth & lime plastered straw-bale wall interior view of earth & lime plastered cob wall with embedded spiral staircase

Hoberecht Cottage

Columbia Station, Ohio

This two-story cob and straw-bale cottage serves as a retreat space for Mark Hoberecht and his wife Awnhee. HarvestBuild designed and built the entire structure using local and salvaged materials. The cottage features a recycled stone foundation, round-log timber frame with both cob walls and our baling-on-the-edge straw-bale wall system, straw/clay roof insulation, cob sculptural elements, and natural plasters of earth, lime, and gypsum throughout.


"This is the building that got it all started for me. I poured my heart and soul into this cottage — it was a true labor of love. I still feel the life energy of the natural materials every time I walk through the door."

Mark Hoberecht
Principal & Founder – HarvestBuild Associates, Inc.